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View Poll Results: Do you want Obama's healthcare program to be passed
Yes! 66 40.74%
Fuck No! 52 32.10%
LF 11 6.79%
Congress is full of idiots 33 20.37%
Voters: 162. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 08-08-2009, 04:45 AM   #1
Lord Fingolfin
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Default Universal Healthcare

I could give you 50 articles and links that show pro's and con's of Obama's healthcare program. I'm to lazy to though XD, so you can figure it out by yourself. Bottom line I feel that the government running anything is just going to fail miserably, in addition to many of those uninsured being either illegals, could already be on medicaid, or can afford health insurance. Also, half of congress if not more hasn't read the bloody 1200 page bill. So...discuss and vote!
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Darth Elecian
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Default Re: Universal Healthcare

Vote Eff no for obvious reasons. I do not have the time to go into a full blown debate to completely support my position on Universal Health Care right now. Later yes but not right now. But I will say this. I am glad for once that Congress' plan to ram Universal Health Care down every American's throats looks like it is going to fail. (look at the uproars that are occuring at each of the town hall meetings so far. And please, don't give me that BS that the town hall uproars are staged and that those that go to protest at those town hall meetings are holding Nazi symbols.) Also, there is a reason that Obama says "You can keep your current health care coverage." Its because you can't change it afterwards!
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Arcadian Empire
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Default Re: Universal Healthcare

In Australia we already have Universal Healthcare. One step ahead of ya

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Old 08-08-2009, 06:34 AM   #4
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Default Re: Universal Healthcare

Canada has a universal health care system, and it works for them...why not the US?

...probably because the Republicans and Democrats are all so fuck retarded, they can't even run a proper health system. Democrats as of now, in a Universal system..I see my tax dollars giving an inmate who got stabbed with a pencil medical care I can't even get a busy hospitals...yay!
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Artho Drakontas
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Default Re: Universal Healthcare

Honestly if I had my way wed aim for a system similar to France where the government provides baseline coverage with optional supplemental coverage available through the market. The bottom-line though is that we have to do something with healthcare because not only are costs continuing to spiral out of control but its also in its present form unfriendly toward preventive care which in the long term does reduce overall costs and it utterly fails for most people who experience severe illness and injury or those who need substantial long-term care. Really Im not picky though about what shape healthcare reform comes in so long as it does all the following
*Bring down costs.
*Establishes a safety net for low income families people out of work and those who find themselves in extreme hardship (cancer treatments care routinely cost more than a hundred thousand dollars. Healthcare bills are a leading cause for bankruptcy.)
*Moves away from the employer provided health insurance. (While certainly not the only reason for GMs woes having to earn an average of $900 per vehicle over their foreign competition to pay for healthcare didnt help.)
*Availability and reliability of coverage for those who want and need it. (My uncle got struck by lightning several years back and still to this day has health complication from it. A few months after the event when the bills started adding up his health insurance found a bullshit excuse to drop him and even tried to make the cancellation retroactive. To make matters worse he wasnt able to find anyone who willing to provide coverage afterwards either.)
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Default Re: Universal Healthcare

The main problem I saw was when he said " If you like your healthcare then you can keep your healthcare". or something like that anyway what about the people who get health care out of their job..... And their buisness switches because it is cheaper or something. So really I think that statement isa load of bull...
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Old 08-08-2009, 08:02 AM   #7
Nedved I
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Default Re: Universal Healthcare

Hey where did you get the name idea....Ill kill you....
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The Corporal
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Molon Labe

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Default Re: Universal Healthcare

I could write quite a lot of the pitfalls of government-run health care in America, the problems with the plan as desired by Obama and liberal Democrats in Congress, the disturbing strongarm tactics the White House and Democrats are using to marginalize average American citizens (many of whom are independents that helped Obama get elected), how the Democratic Party is shooting themselves in the foot by continuing to force their unwanted plan on America, how the Dems' behavior regarding town hall meetings and such will seriously hurt them in the 2010, and on and on and on. I really could. I'll just say the following: I wish I could have voted for 'no' and 'Congress is full of idiots.'

On a lighter, somewhat related note I watched yesterday's episode of Bullshit! last night (taxes) and it was good.
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Your Boss
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Default Re: Universal Healthcare

No id rather not put us in more debt, i have health care through work so if they don't have it they can buy it, should be grateful children get it for free.
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Old 08-08-2009, 10:12 AM   #10
Fantastic Quantumness
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Default Re: Universal Healthcare

Canada's system has it's faults, but it would be to easy to learn from those and set up the US system better.

I'm very much for universal healthcare. Taking that huge burden and cost away from large companies and GM, Sisco, the airlines, etc. would help them to remain profitable. Large, old american companies have like 40% of their costs wrapped up in crap like healthcare benefits.

It's a large reason why they're struggling to compete on the global market these days. Countries with no health care system or those with universal healthcare don't have those cost and can sell similar products for way less and still be profitable. From a macro-economics standpoint it doesn't make sense not too.

Plus, it would be all that hard to fund without raising taxes or increasing the already way to f-ing huge deficit. There's seriously trillions of dollars spend on worthless "projects" that can be cut. Palin's bridge to nowhere comes to mind, as do jets that cost 25 billion a piece that have never been used in combat and are designed for use against an enemy that doesn't exist, the list goes on...

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