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Default The Legion Turns 14

The Legion turned 14 on the 31st of January. As per tradition we shall celebrate this event. Over the last year we helped found and join the bloc Roll For initiative, and fought a long war against Non Grata, Kashmir, COBRA and other smaller alliances in defense of our ally FTW. This was over quickly in the upper tiers but lasted a long time in the lower tiers and I would like to thank all of our nations once again for their service during this trying time in particular the new nations who joined and actively fought during the war and our MOD staff for managing the war. We once again proved that the Legion will defend its allies and is capable of fighting long protracted wars effectively.

Another accomplishment that has happened over the last year was the completion of the tech system which is currently operating. Although there were some hiccups early on the system did help to make distributing of war aid easier and has helped keep out slot usage percentage post war as one of the highest among the top 20 alliances by score whenever I have gone to check on it (currently 6th out of 20).

Our nation count has decreased some over the past year but we still remain the 6th largest alliance by nation count and score, while our alliance strength has remained roughly the same with our total amount of tech increasing a bit and our total amount of infra decreasing a bit. This type of trend is reflective of increase in the average NS of our nations and more nations transitioning to buyers than are incoming as sellers.

I will like to thank all of our staff for helping to keep the alliance running. Also, if you are not already join our discord to talk to other members of the alliance if you have not already.
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Default Re: The Legion Turns 14

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Default Re: The Legion Turns 14

jsut wanted to wish the legion a happy 14th birthday
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Default Re: The Legion Turns 14

Originally Posted by King Seifer Almasy View Post
jsut wanted to wish the legion a happy 14th birthday
Thank you. It's nice to see you here. If you want to return to the game, or perhaps join us in Politics and War, we're more than happy to welcome you back.
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14, turns

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