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Default Re: Paris Protests

Originally Posted by Thomond View Post
Shoutout to the French who had enough of the government taxing the hell out of basic needs without installing reasonable alternatives! I believe Macron is bad for Europe as a whole and promotes militarising the EU which can only lead to more confrontation with Russia.
I agree with the lack of alternatives comment, but you need to confront bullies like Putin.

Originally Posted by mojo882 View Post
fair enough to macron for taxing fuel as he wants to put people onto electric vehicles, but the technology just isn't there yet for it to be practical
Agree! If you want to people to change their behavior you have to provide a reasonable alternative.

Originally Posted by Ordealius View Post
It's unfortunate that protests of these sizes always lead to the destruction of private property and looting. Protesting the government isn't bad, but it makes the whole group look bad when a section of people start using the mob to vent aggression upon the very people the protests are trying to help: French citizens.
Agree! Protest is good. Destruction and looting is bad.

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