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Default Trump/Biden

So, this is a discussion point I had on discord two nights ago, but I wanted to know what US politics were like Pre-2000 election. How divisive were they in comparison to today?

My argument is that Fox News (which entered in 1996) create a ratings war with its "for the people" news, which caused CNN and others to create "Only educated people watch us" news, which was further exacerbated by the internet which created even more freelance/private journalists, and social media which allowed the loudest people to convince others of black/white political theory.

Until we get to todays election which created populist President Trump on the platform of "I"m not a generic globalist president like Clinton, Bush, or Obama. News is misleading you on what they did. I want to help change things back".

So this election feels far less about policies and more about Nationalism vs Globalism, with a few abortion and economic things thrown into it.

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