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Default Re: 2019 NFL Playoffs Contest

I wouldn't mind the prize this year being 3 rounds of cash or tech. The talking heads are saying this year's playoffs are more wide open than usual, so picking correctly will be harder.

Colts @ Texans: I have no idea about this one. It's a toss-up, so I actually tossed a coin I found laying around. It landed tails, so I'll pick the Colts.

Seahawks @ Cowboys: I know much the Cowboys struggle in the postseason. Seattle, on the other hand, has several playoff-tested veterans, chief among them Carroll and Wilson. Give me the Seahawks, though I wouldn't be upset if the 'Boys moved on.

Chargers @ Ravens: Baltimore is known for its defense. The Chargers have played all 16 games on the road. I'll take the Chargers to beat a good rookie QB.

Eagles @ Bears: Please, please don't let the Eagles advance! I'm begging you. My mom's from Chicago, and I despise the Eagles and how they took advantage of a mid-playoff rule change! Give me the Bears to set up a house showdown.

To recap, I'm taking the Colts, Seahawks, Chargers, and Bears.
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