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What is The Legion?
The Legion is the largest alliance on the purple sphere in Cyber Nations. It was founded 31 January 2006. It is currently one of the twelve sanctioned alliances.

Who is the Legion?
The Legion is composed of independent member nations who have unified under a single banner of "The Legion" alliance. Each member enjoys benefits and protections of the alliance while pledging their nation's well-being to the overall strength of The Legion. The total number of member nations fluctuates over time ranging from a height of 1,600 to the current of about 400 nations.

What does "Ave Legio" mean?
"Ave Legio" literally means "Hail Legion" in Latin and has been the Legion's de facto motto since 2006. The use of the term dates to the Cyber Nations forums where hailing is common throughout all alliance announcements. To distinguish itself from the standard hail, Legion members adopted "Ave" instead of the typical "o/" hail.

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