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Conversation Between Xineoph and Suyash Adhikari
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  1. Suyash Adhikari
    07-17-2021 07:13 PM
    Suyash Adhikari
    Sounds like you would use it to annoy people.
  2. Xineoph
    07-13-2021 12:05 PM
    Just realized I never responded. On facebook you could "poke" people. It did nothing other than give a notification that someone "poked" you.
    No idea why they removed it, best thing they ever had.
  3. Suyash Adhikari
    06-23-2021 08:49 PM
    Suyash Adhikari
    Whats a Poke Module
  4. Xineoph
    06-16-2021 07:42 AM
    We should add a poke module. I feel that would be entertaining and give it great facebook 2007 vibe to everything else here
  5. Suyash Adhikari
    06-16-2021 07:24 AM
    Suyash Adhikari
    Maybe so :3
  6. Xineoph
    06-13-2021 09:45 PM
    Oh, and I guess that means I'm your first in general.
  7. Xineoph
    06-13-2021 09:45 PM
    SuyashStar! You're my first visitor message in years! <3
  8. Suyash Adhikari
    06-13-2021 06:10 PM
    Suyash Adhikari
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