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  1. Lord Emperor Clot
    11-26-2018 07:49 PM
    Lord Emperor Clot
    Sir, the mailing to Legion Cohort IV is done. The following were still needing to do the adjustments next to their names. The message is also included below. Ave... -Clot.

    Pyroponce ok
    DRAGOS ok
    Lord Emperor Clot ok
    Solomon tanks
    Illusion ok
    Dread October Cruise
    PlasticTastic tanks
    Leonel Badano tanks
    aaannndddyyy tanks, DEF1, (anarchy)
    mojo882 tanks & DEF1
    Regent Pancras ok
    Frey the Great tanks
    kajkajete tanks, Cruise
    Kaliban tanks

    Dear Legionnaires,
    As the war has ended, your Cohort is advised to return to a peaceful setting for your own prosperity. You are suggested to decom your tanks and cruise missiles, as they are a financial drain and easily re-purchased. Those of you who are in DEFCON 1 are likewise suggested to go back to DEF 5 for financial reasons. If anarchy prevents these changes, we assume you are in talks with the alliance and are working your way out of the phosphorescent crater your nation has become.
    Keep up the good work! Ave Legio.
    Lord E. Clot,
    Cohort IV dep. cntn.
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