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Conversation Between Immerael and killer04
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  1. Immerael
    12-09-2017 01:25 PM
    Got it done.
  2. killer04
    12-08-2017 10:10 PM
    accept trade
  3. Immerael
    10-04-2011 03:52 PM
    It's me Killer.
  4. Immerael
    10-03-2011 08:47 PM
    Hey just letting you know that if you need an extra hand keeping target list updated (NS, attacking defending nations, etc.) I'll help like I did the last two wars. I wont be on IRC but I'll do what I can to help just mask me with proper access and I'll get to work in between classes.
  5. killer04
    12-08-2009 01:40 PM
    its ur day to be ghost busting and checking our war screen
  6. killer04
    11-30-2009 01:54 PM
    its ur day to be ghostbusting
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