View Full Version : The Legion Hall of Fame

  1. Great Britain of Great Britain
  2. Imperial Overlord of VL Empire
  3. Peter of Korlus
  4. Silas of Zunea
  5. Fonzoland of Fonzoland
  6. SocCarolina of SocCarolina
  7. Master Revan of Jedi Revan
  8. Yenisey of Aopoleyin
  9. Urf Durfal of Miemalkonnen
  10. Chancellor Makaryk of North Prussia
  11. Lord Swampy of New Kaynistan
  12. Logan Alexander of Rakari
  13. Thom Solo of Solostar
  14. Realm of Republic of Hark
  15. The Legion Hall of Fame
  16. Grant Comeau of Reformentia
  17. Frank Sinatra of The Rat Pack
  18. Imperial of The Imperial Empire
  19. President Jack of Melidan
  20. totem of Ciumideii
  21. Assarax of Xandedrat
  22. Lincongrad of Lincongrad
  23. Iron Wolf of Lakota
  24. Xineoph of Um
  25. the god of lightning of Ithaca
  26. Hubb of WV United Republic
  27. Watcher of Gambrin
  28. Emperor Power of Arcadian Empire
  29. konkrage1 of konkrage1
  30. killer04 of Iwait
  31. tom the pit leader of there be rabbits
  32. CodFCS of Rimjotne