The Legion is one of CyberNations oldest & most respected alliances. For over five years, The Legion has been the premier alliance of the Purple sphere. Through our extensive diplomatic & economic ties, we provide excellent trade opportunities for our members. Our motto, "Unity is Strength" holds true as our alliance draws its power through its members. The following has been compiled to give a preview of some of the privileges of being a Legionnaire.


In CyberNations, an alliance affiliation of "None" or "No Alliance" can be very dangerous. Without an affiliation, you risk continual attack from "tech raiders" who will launch offensive wars against you, ultimately destroying what nation you have. This is easily preventable by joining an alliance. But you cannot simply put an alliance into your Alliance Affiliation. In order to be a member of an alliance, you must apply for membership (otherwise you are considered a ghost or poser, subjecting you to attack!).

Apply to Join The Legion


The Legion is one of the oldest Alliances in CyberNations. We have maintained our presence in game for over five years and were one of the first major alliances to appear within the game. The Legion is a seasoned alliance, boasting some of the most experienced players and a great deal of expertise in diverse fields of gameplay. With their guidance and knowledge, you can build a nation that will rival and surpass any other.

Players should avoid small alliances of fewer than twenty players. These alliances tend to be unstable and unable to support and defend themselves properly from foreign aggressors; The Legion is called home by more than two hundred members, all of whom have pledged themselves to defend fellow Legionnaires. The Legion will always offer her shield of protection to Legion members. Our diplomatic ties also provide additional protection through allied alliances and economic trade agreements that give stability to your nation even during war.

Our membership is friendly and welcoming of all new applicants. All Legionnaires are equal. From seasoned veterans to the newest recruits, we all uphold the values of The Legion. Unity is Strength!


The Legion offers extensive aid to her members. Legion funds can be used to directly increase the size of your nation and increase your nation strength. Technology deals also allow small nations to generate large sums of money by selling their technology to larger nations. These sales can generate capital that will go back into your nation. In times of war, Legion Banks maintain sizeable reserves to assure that Legionnaires don't run low on cash during wartime. Should your nation suffer heavy casualties during a war, our rebuilding aid allows you to get back up & on your feet faster than other nations. Legionnaires support one another and see that we have the capital and strength to continue to see our alliance grow and prosper.


The Legion offers stability, security and strength. As one of the oldest alliances in CyberNations, we have survived everything the game has thrown our way. Today we stand proud and sure of our history and our future. When great forces are on the move in the world we know we are united, not divided. We know we have the courage and the perseverance, and more than that we have the ability to see us through to a better day. We are one, we are many, and we are The Legion.

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