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Diplomatic Masks / Embassy Request Foreign Diplomat? Apply for a diplomatic mask and/or request an embassy for your alliance.

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Nation: Trinacria
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Ordo Mechanicus

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Default Ordo Mechanicus embassy request

Your Ruler Name: Marcvs
Your Nation Name: Trinacria
Link to your Nation:

Alliance Affiliation: Ordo Mechanicus
Link to your Alliance:
Alliance Color: Purple
Your Superior Officer: None, I am the founder
Position in Alliance: Founder and owner

Embassy Requested: Yes
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Director of Trades
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Default Re: Ordo Mechanicus embassy request

This is a new Purple micro with 31 nations, all but one with less than 16k NS. They have treaties with CotM and COBRA. They are contending for the fifth Purple Senate seat.
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Vivu feliĉe kaj amike, parolu la veron, kaj elektu la bezonojn de ĉiuj anstataŭ viajn.

Ave Legio.

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  The Legion > Ministry of Foreign Affairs > Diplomatic Masks / Embassy Request

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